Pharmacovigilance and drug safety

Pharmacovigilance is the science of collecting, monitoring, researching, assessing, and evaluating information from healthcare providers and patients on the adverse effects of the prescription medicines, over the counter medicines, vaccines and biologicals, blood products, medical devices, herbals and other traditional . Pharmacovigilance involves the collection of data on Adverse Reactions which must then be analysed and evaluated to create meaningful safety information. Signal detection in Pharmacovigilance involves looking at the adverse reaction data for patterns that suggest new safety information.


  • Track 1-1 Significance of Pharmacovigilance
  • Track 2-2 Role of pharma industries in the improvement of Pharmacovigilance system
  • Track 3-3 Drug Safety Updates & Solution
  • Track 4-4 Drug Safety Training & Surveilance
  • Track 5-5 Drug Safety Reporting & Monitoring
  • Track 6-6 Pharmacovigilance legislation

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