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TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Turkey

Title: Melanin Functionalized Protein Nanofibers: A Bio-inspired Platform for Drug Release



A recent approach for controlled release of drugs comprise natural-derived biopolymers since they show superior biodegradable/biocompatible features. In this study, nanofibers containing natural melanin and amyloid-like bovine serum albumin (mel/BSA) were produced by single-needle electrospinning to investigate drug release behavior of water soluble model drug, namely ampicillin. Prior to electrospinning, natural melanin was extracted from cuttle fish ink to prepare electrospinning solution. 20%, 10% and %5 (w:w) ampicilling:BSA including nanofibers were produced under 21 kV, 0.3 ml/h for 4 hours. Nanofiber formation and morphology for different drug formulations was observed by scanning electron microscope. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy analysis showed that some compatibility exists between ampicillin and mel/BSA nanofibers. Moreover, drug release tests were conducted to explain the relationship between the drug release behavior and carrier morphology. For single electrospun nanofibers, 87% of the loaded drug was released within the 96 hours. Together, these imply that drug release vehicles could be extended to melanin functionalized biopolymer carriers.